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    Devoted to creating true innovation


    At PIERER Innovation , we are devoted to creating true innovation within a collaborative, appreciative environment.

    Driven by the energy, enthusiasm and expertise of all our team members, we always strive for excellence and push the boundaries of our business. Our goal is simple: Find, analyze and deliver the best solutions to be the one-stop shop for innovation within the Pierer Mobility Group.

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    Our portfolio ranges from 25 km per hour e-bikes and childhood thrills, to 350 km per hour grand prix missiles.


    All our products have READY TO RACE genes.

    We are looking for motivated partners with innovative solutions for our product portfolio.


    Those solutions can include anything bike or rider related from rider safety, rider assistance, Bike-Rider communication and interaction, performance increase, connectivity solutions, data analytics, drive train technologies, e-mobility concepts, sensor technologies, or even new business models.


    We build and sell ~325.000 powered-two-wheelers, motorcycles and e-bikes, each year with a large variety of models and have a CAGR of ~15,9% since 2009.


    To continue such growth, our production facilities must be flexible, high performing entities.


    We are looking for partners that help us to sustain that growth by improving our multiple production facilities around the globe, but mainly in Austria.


    That includes process tools, manufacturing technologies, supply chain management, IoT solutions, AI implementation, visual quality inspection, traceability technologies, predictive analytics, etc.


    We are present with our brands KTM, Husqvarna, GASGAS, WP, X-BOW and Raymon in some 80 countries and sell exclusively via over 3000 dealers plus several thousand additional dealers managed by importers.


    And we need to train and support thousands of vehicle variants, supply them with spare parts, finance dealers, offer financing to customers and manage standard and extended warranties. Given our size this is quite a challenge.


    Every new market segment we enter is also a challenge. Plus, we are moving towards digital and hybrid customer journeys. So, there is plenty of scope to buy and integrate or co-develop innovative solutions for marketing, sales, managing & servicing dealers, the dealer show room, digital experiences, customer services and more.


    We are an organization of well over 4000 staff, largely in Austria, ever expanding as we keep entering new segments, acquire new brands, grow organically, and increase production year after year.


    We have a strong need for improved processes, office automation, more and more internationalization; from LegalTech to IOT, AI to bots, data science tools to CAD tool chains.

    We are looking for cooperation partners within these 4 streams:


    Everything bike- and rider-related. This includes safety, performance, analytics, UX&UI, technology, etc.


    Solutions to streamline our production and our supply chain, lower costs, enhance quality, reduce workload, increase worker skills, assist workers and optimize processes.


    Solutions that help us engage with our customers on different levels, increase retention, allow for better insights and let us sell more bikes.


    Products, services, technologies and even new business models that improve our internal processes, reduce the workload and assist our employees in their daily work across all departments.

    What do we offer what do we expect?

    We believe that true innovation is created in a collaborative, appreciative environment with transparent processes and open knowledge sharing. From partners we expect open-mindedness, curiosity and willingness to cooperate.

    We are generally looking for partners that are at least in the prototype stage and can showcase their idea. A first concept for serial production and existing partnerships with manufacturers are welcome.

    In exchange, we offer open access to industry experts, knowledge sharing, market- and technology-specific insights. We might provide prototyping services and potential funding for small projects. We can also supply you with datasets, bikes and parts for testing of equipment/technology for a POC.

    Finally, we allocate our workforce/working time to test and evaluate your products, services and technology and share our findings from an OEM perspective.


    Our Mission: Make digital innovation meaningful

    PIERER Innovation strives to shape a sustainable digital future for all brands within the Pierer Mobility group.

    Our tech- and trend-scouting team analyzes, assesses and documents relevant social, cultural, and technological changes and opportunities.

    Our e-commerce team ensures that we offer a portfolio of innovative services across the entire customer journey. Business modeling draws on new and existing data sources to develop new business models. These may then be translated into smart products taking the customer’s 2-wheel-experience to a new level.

    How we start a collaboration?

    Depending on the innovative character and maturity of your solution, we will provide:

    • Knowledge exchange with your startup on the challenges and specifics of the motorcycle business.

    • Access to our peer network if the solution has potential for other partners in our network.

    • Collaboration in evaluating and defining use cases which are powered-two-wheeler relevant.

    • Testing of the proposed service/product and providing feedback from an OEM perspective.

    • Running a POC – Close collaboration, regular exchange and sharing of knowledge with your startup/company. The proposed solution will be integrated in a small part of our business to evaluate its strengths, weaknesses and potential use cases. Based on the POC, potential projects will be discussed.

    • Based on a successful POC and a strong innovative character of the solution, there is a potential for collaborative R&D projects.