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    Equipped for the digital present and future


    The education stream is responsible for the training and development of employees within the KTM group. By placing this focus on education, PIERER Innovation is preparing the company for digital transformation. Together with the HR department, we identify digital topics that are crucial for the future of the company and look for providers of new concepts and methods.



    In a digital world, development will take place on several levels: Making the most out of the available potential will require digitally skilled employees in all lines of business.

    Raising awareness of our social corporate dynamics and achieving a clear understanding of economic decision-making tools is also important for our success. The combination of theory, application and an exchange of experiences are what makes this work exciting and appealing.


    One example of the digital education we offer employees is a KTM-specific MBA programme that was initiated together with LIMAK, the Austrian Business School, specifically for KTM. It focuses on digital business models and process innovation.

    We are also setting up a special online education programme for recruiting and apprenticeship training which will be used for InnoLabs (in the Motohall, for example).