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    How data can support our dealers

    Motorcycle dealers have to be customer oriented and efficient to stay ahead of the competition. This includes all employees, whether they work in sales, customer service, on the shop floor or in bookkeeping. Everyone has to work as efficiently as possible for the company to assert its position on the market.

    The goal of the cooperation between PIERER Innovation GmbH and KTM AG is to actively support our dealers through the targeted implementation of digital technologies. So that they can focus on their core business: Increasing profitability and satisfying our customers.

    Support all dealers and all brands worldwide

    Competitive advantage

    Borrowing from the design thinking approach, we focus our process on how our dealers work. This requires a shared understanding of the daily tasks and challenges that our dealers face.

    The dealer’s central interface is their Dealer Management System. This piece of software supports motorcycle dealers with handling all processes from sales and aftermarket parts trade to managing repairs, accounting, marketing and CRM.

    So how can we best support all dealers and all brands worldwide with our Dealer Management System? With data.

    Value creation across the entire process. By providing the Dealer Management System and offering additional data support, we plan to establish an automated exchange of business-related operative data between KTM and dealers across the globe. The entire value chain from the dealer all the way to the manufacturers will be covered by the KMT AG interfaces. This will secure optimal profitability and place employees in a position where they can immediately and accurately answer any customer queries regarding the vehicle.

    The system is constantly being expanded, adapted and optimised.

    Data for a competitive advantage. The more efficient the employees’ processing, provision and handling of the data is, the more productive the core business will be. We want to help our dealers gain a decisive competitive advantage by providing innovative solutions for sales and customer service. At the same time, this also creates a pleasant shopping experience for our customers.


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