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    At PIERER Innovation, tech scouting doesn’t just happen – it is lived and celebrated by all employees. Instead of using a classic top-down approach, we have defined a special bottom-up scouting process. 

    We are open for innovative products, services, business models and technologies in the following areas:

    1. Smart Product: Our portfolio includes Powered Two-Wheelers (PTW), super-fast road bikes, entry level road bikes, off-road motorbikes for kids, endures, electric off roaders for kids and adults, electric scooters and electric mountain bikes. All of our bikes are performance bikes READY TO RACE. 
    1. Smart Production: With our high-quality production and global supply chain, we are able to produce over 450.000 PWT a year. 
    1. Smart Commerce: Our B2B2C commercial channels include 3,000 dealers in 80 countries. 
    1. Smart Organization: Our organization comprises many subsidiaries (including Europe’s largest design agency), 4200 employees and substantial portfolio of brands (KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas, WP, X-bow, Raymon, Husqvarna Bicycles). 

    Bottom-up scouting
    In a top-down approach, concrete questions come from all areas of the company and are then specifically scouted. At PIERER Innovation, we rely on a different tactic: We are open to all ideas and technologies that make us faster and better across all business departments. This method helps us find new solutions that we might not have even been aware of. We use our own innovation funnel to screen the large number of startups. This helps us understand their needs and support them in their process.

    Here’s how our Innovation Funnel works: 
    1. Pitch your solution to PIERER Innovation.
    2. Include your contact, pitch deck, videos and/or demos, so we can analyze your proposal.
    3. We’ll evaluate your solution based on the question of: “How big is the potential for the KTM group?”
    4. If your solution has business potential, we’ll develop initial use cases to make your solution or technology more tangible for KTM.
    5. We’ll introduce your solution to the relevant business departments.
    6. If your solution is approved by the respective department, we’ll discuss further development steps. 
    7. For highly complex or totally new technologies, we often run tests, pilots, trials or POCs to fully assess the potential and test the limits of your idea. This can take anywhere between a few days and a few years. 

    What we’re looking for
    To all the startups out there: If you have a high-tech solution that can be applied to the motorcycle industry, get in touch with us. Our tech scouts will get back to you with feedback after reviewing your solution. To make screening more efficient, please ensure you fulfill the following points: 

    1. Brand check: Do you know KTM? Do you have a suitable use case for our business?

    2. Pitch deck: A professional pitch deck is a MUST.

    3. Openness: Briefly introduce your solution and clearly outline your assets during an initial call.

    4. Flexibility: Stay flexible. We might need to adjust your solution to create a perfect fit.

    Can’t wait to read from you! 

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