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Every successful collaboration requires a first step.

    Enabling an efficient use of data


    Data is a precious good. More and more companies are discovering the importance of data for their industry.

    What most still lack is an understanding of how data analysis works and what opportunities for value creation are available. This leads to the potential of data – often generated nonetheless – being left untapped. Valuable data that could lead to new services, products or business models is wasted.



    Our Business Intelligence stream has programmers, mathematicians and business modelling experts working together. While business modelling provides the initial analysis of potentials and risks of new lines of business, the data science department contributes the relevant data and checks its quality and informative value. It is important that both departments work together closely to ensure that any knowledge that has not been specifically documented is formalised into data. This first step alone produces very interesting results.

    If, after this first stage, an idea turns out to be economically attractive and is supported by the appropriate data, PIERER Innovation builds on their experience in terms of conception and implementation of data science projects and AI systems to help further develop it.

    The goal is to create a functioning prototype that can be used for the first benchmark. Future improvements can then be measured based on this initial result. This is how we flexibly test methods and demonstrate their feasibility.


    The constant adjustment to customer needs and market developments, the analysis of new business areas and the continuous adaptation of the current model are really important.

    Our goal is to develop specific digital products, services and market opportunities.

    We guide an idea from being a budding business case to continuous business development or business model innovation. Our team will help you to use data efficiently at every stage.